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As one of our best-selling model, ARCHON gains many high reviews. Its cost-effective feature soon makes itself a best seller.

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Senada Blogs

E-bike Spring Camping Tips

With the improvement in living standards and environmental awareness, more people are choosing to take electric bikes for camping trips.

How to Measure the Inseam of the Electric Bicycle?

By properly measuring the length of your bike's inseam, you can choose the right size bike, allowing you to ride more comfortably and safely.

How to Prevent Flat Tires on Electric Bikes?

A leaking bike tire can easily ruin a good trip. Due to the higher weight and faster movement of electric bikes, even not considering various of road environmental factors, e-bike tire blowouts do occur. The good news is that, you...


"First Ride of the year this weekend!" - Kory Stone | Why Senada

As passionate bikers, Kory and his family were thrilled to take their Senada SABERs out for the first ride of the year. The powerful bikes allowed them to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air without breaking a sweat.


Senada makes it easy for me to tackle challenging inclines and rough terrain. - Oleg Skurskiy | Why Senada

As an avid cyclist and hiker, Oleg loves to explore the beautiful mountains of California. He thinks that his DRIFTER is a great and fun companion for his outdoor adventures.


Discover stunning vistas by going higher and farther. - Jack Hatch | Why Senada

As an adventurous cyclist, Jack loves to explore the hidden beauty of the great outdoors. With his Senada ARCHON, he can easily navigate through rough terrain and hills to capture amazing views that are often overlooked by others.

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