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Conquer the toughest jobs and extended backcountry adventures with the powerful 1000w motor, 48v 21Ah long-range battery, and industry-leading hauling and towing capacity......

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Comfortable accessibly designed, perfect for all rider types. With a step-through design, you can easily.....

Professional Insights
The Senada HERALD - Affordable, Powerful, and FUN!
February 8, 2024
Top fat tire electric bike, featuring comfortable 26" fat tires, a powerful 1000Watt motor, and a 21Ah battery.
362 Subscribers - 74 Videos - 420K Views
SENADA SABER PRO A Budget Friendly 1000W eBike 😱👀🌴
May 7, 2024
SENADA SABER PRO all-terrain Budget Friendly 1000W (1500 watt peak) with a powerful 48V 21Ah Battery, 95Nm Torque, 5 Levels of Pedal Assist with speeds up to 30MPH and 80 miles on a single charge.
362 Subscribers - 74 Videos - 420K Views
Trying Out the Senada Archon Fat Tire Mountain eBike
April 17, 2024
Senada eBikes sent me an Archon mountain bike to unbox and test. See below for discount info!
362 Subscribers · 74 Videos·420K Views
Rides Like a Champ on Full Suspension | Senada Viper
December 25, 2023
Get the Senada Viper: https://bit.ly/3RVWarV E-Bike Comparisons: https://ebikes.jaihaze.com/
21.8w Subscribers · 74 Videos· 4154 Views

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Our ebikes are crafted with strict production standards and undergo meticulous quality control. From robust frames to reliable battery systems, every detail is.....

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Rediscovering the Joy of Riding - Brian Hubbard | Why Senada

Brian Hubbard and his wife love biking but found hills challenging. The Senada electric bike changed everything. It blends manual pedaling with electric assistance for long rides and tough climbs. Easy assembly and a sturdy frame make it perfect for rough trails. Brian Hubbard highly recommends Senada e-bikes for reliable, enjoyable rides.

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My First eBike and It's Excellent! - Duygu Okus | Why Senada

Duygu Okus chose Senada Ebike after thorough research and friend referrals. The bike offers a smooth, stylish ride and handles uphill well. You can pedal for a workout or cruise effortlessly, with many accessories available. Senada's customer service is excellent, resolving issues promptly and ensuring complete satisfaction. Duygu Okus highly recommends Senada e-bikes for their quality and top-notch support.

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Discover Stunning Vistas by Going Higher and Farther - Solar Surron | Why Senada

Cyclist Solar Surron loves the Senada Herald. Its 1000watt motor and 21ah battery ensure smooth, fast rides up to 28mph. Delivered in perfect condition, it’s ideal for commutes and adventures. Highly recommended for an affordable, high-quality ebike experience.

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Senada Events & Blogs

SenadaBikes Eco Initiative: A Leap Towards a Greener Future
SenadaBikes Eco Initiative: A Leap Towards a Greener Future
On April 19, 2024, a new chapter unfolds at SenadaBikes – a chapter that mirrors our deep-seated commitment to environmental sustainability and proactive action against climate change.
Ride the Thrill with SenadaBikes at the 71st Annual OTL World Championships
Ride the Thrill with SenadaBikes at the 71st Annual OTL World Championships
We are thrilled to partner with OMBAC - Old Mission Beach Athletic Club for the 71st Annual Over-The-Line (OTL) World Championships in 2024.
Important Knowledge of E-bike Brake Performance and Safety
Important Knowledge of E-bike Brake Performance and Safety
In order to ensure a safe and smooth ride, it is essential to have knowledge of e-bike brake performance, maintenance and safety.