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48v 15Ah
57 Miles
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48V 20Ah
75 Miles
Max Ronge
Max Lood
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48V 14Ah
62 Miles
Max Range
Max Load
$999.00 $1,799.00
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48V 14Ah
62 Miles
Max Ronge
Max Lood
Customer Review
I was very skeptical about ordering my Roamer and I researched it as best I could for over a year. I have been very pleased with the bike, especially for the money. I can get almost 40 miles per charge using pure electric. And the 1000 watt motor is a beast and will do 31 miles per hour and I weigh 185. It also fits my frame really well even though I am 6'3" with very long legs. Love the dual suspension also. I have about 140 miles on it in a little over a month. Very satisfied with it for sure, highly recommend.
My wife and I took our bikes out today for the first time. She rode her Roamer and I the Viper. Both bikes have plenty of power. The suspension on both axles is fantastic. This was especially important to me as I am 6‘,2“ tall and 230 pounds, overall a very comfortable ride, and at the end of one hour, both battery indicators were still full. I’m very pleased with my purchase, and since we only used the pedal assist feature, we got a good work out.
The bike was shipped and delivered on time and arrived in good condition. Assembly was pretty simple and only took about an hour. However, it arrived with the wrong owners manual. Not a big deal except that the manual I downloaded for the Roamer illustrates the wrong controller display. The manual shipped for the wrong bike actually illustrates the controller display for the roamer. Senada really needs to proof their Documentation. I have put 25 miles on the bike on PAS 2-3 and the display still shows a full battery.
This ebike is built really well. I took it out to the trails and was treating it pretty roughly. It held up well. Did have the battery pop off once and another time it popped loose, even with it locked and in the correct position. Bike is fast. I got up to 31mph on a flat street with throttle only. Battery is not as good as they projected. I get around 30-35 miles when off-roading and 40-45 miles on the street. But pedaling it after the battery runs out wasnt that bad. I will consider buying an additional battery for longer trips
I put 12 miles since i got it a week ago.This is my first ebike.runs great i like how its helps me go up well built .looks great.i also drive vintage balloon tire bikes ,but i had knee implant and my new ebike is my knee saver.Helps a lot with the assist and i dont have to force my knees.I going to use it mostly for road and longer dintace,so i going to have to replace the knobby tires for street tires that the sell thats the only change i doing so yes ill buy another one for the good happy with it.

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