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Shipping Fee

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This product is for paying the extra shipping fee or parts costs. 

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Customer Reviews

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Alan Gilson
Bought eBike hub motor for $250.00

My Senada bike motor failed with 1600 miles on the odometer. No complaints on reliability as that is about average for any eBike. Purchased a new one using the Shipping fee option. Went flawlessly with followup emails and directions on how to install it. Also shopping around, they were the best price replacing my 1000W 48V motor for $250 bucks including shipping. Thanks!

Arturo lozano
Saber Pro, Ocean Blue

The bike came in earlier than what the date that Iwas suppose to get it. Got the bike in 4 days. The bike was very well package. I haven't driven the bike much but have put in about 20 miles on it. I love the bike.The bike is a heavy duty and very well made.I haven't had any issues with it, but haven't driven it all that much. As the Weather and time permits I got plans on giving it the workout. Very 😊 happy with my purchase. Will do another review when I put some miles behind me.

david cady
Battery terminals

I had to replace the battery terminals for a senada e-bike, and was very pleased with the customer service of this company.Great response and communication, thanks so much!

John Bagwell

The whole process was very easy got my parts when they were promised, and was able to repair my bike with no problem

Thomas Barry
Senada Bikes are the BEST

The local bike stores sell e bikes for $2900 and up.. Senada was my choice.. it was the best bike for the money. No dealer BS, choice of throttle or assist.. no $30 assembly charge, and no talking down the competition.. If you do your research, you will note that this is true.