Senada Bikes Owner's Manuals

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You can download bike instructions, user manuals, and other materials below:


    SABER_HERALD - LCD Instructions : download

    SABER_HERALD - Owners' Manual of Senada Bikes : download

    SABER_HERALD - Controller Installation Manual : download

    ROAMER - User Manual 2022V1.0 : download

    ARCHON - User Manual 2022V1.0 : download

    ARCHON PRO - User Manual 2022V1.0 : download

    ARCHON_ROAMER_FLASH_DRIFTER - LCD Instructions : download

    ARCHON_ROAMER_FLASH_DRIFTER - Assembly & Operation Tips [front wheel assembly included] : download

    ARCHON_ROAMER_FLASH_DRIFTER - Assembly Guide : download

    ARCHON PRO_DRIFTER - M5 Display User Manual : download

    LYNX - Digital_Display_Operating_Instructions_v3 : download

    Senada Bikes All Models Size Comparison: download

For any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email at We are here to help!