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Rodney Christensen

I have had my new Senada electric bike and the more I ride it the more l love it!
Gets me where l need to go. Performance is great.
Assembly was simple.
Few adjustments and on the road l went.
I have gotten a bit of head turning and compliments on how it looks.
Our beaches in Florida are great to ride on and the battery stays charged fairly well as long as you don’t put it under too much load for a long time.
The only Issue I have had is no customer support after sending a few emails and texts?
Senada if you can help me l would greatly appreciate it.

Alexander Grigorov

Pedal assist is a complete game changer. I find pedal assist 2 is where I keep it. This sets you at about 11mph and if you use the gears right you can keep your legs burning a bit, use minimal battery yet not have to worry about standing on the pedals in a low gear climbing a hill.

George Villanueva Sr

Every day is a good day riding the Ocelot Pro. I’m so happy I made this purchase. Every time we go to the bike trail I’m very excited because of the Ocelot Pro. The quality and liability are the best when it comes to long range, I can go all day riding this bike. Thanks to Magicycle

Suzanne K

After a rough start (my bike arrived damaged) it’s a great bike! Customer service was great, a little slow to respond to my initial email but once they responded, everything was taken care of without a complaint or hassle. My bike arrived with bent front fork and damaged rear light on the back rack from shipping damage. They sent me new fork and an installation video so I could replace it myself very simply. The rack is on the way. Awesome customer service and the bike works great. Would definitely purchase again from this company.


On the topic of riding, let's talk about that. This is a very heavy bike yet you really don't need any assist to ride it. It isn't a heavy bike that depends on the electric motor to provide a good biking experience.

Louis Clarke

I have an e bike for myself that was much more expensive than this bike. I purchased this for my wife and after riding it I am extremely impressed and she loves it. The bike looks great and is comfortable to ride, I am 5'7' and 245lbs, and the bike had plenty of power for me. I can say I am very happy with my purchase. Highly recommended.

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