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About Senada

Senada is a startup. We provide electric bicycles with powerful energy and fashionable styles. Our brand was founded in the spring of 2020, we uphold the philosophy that "Everyone can enjoy a convenient, efficient and eco-friendly lifestyle with Senada Bike". We commit to making e-bikes a necessity and fashionable element in daily life.

Senada Bikes share three essential factors: power, convenience, and environmental friendliness. We work hard to fulfill a common need from many riders - a balanced e-bike supporting both tough exercise and comfortable commute.

Senada Bikes pursue harmony between man and nature: advocating freedom, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. The product design is a breakthrough for environmental protection. The energy-efficient mechanics combine power and environmental applications, fully embodying harmony between man and nature. At Senada we guarantee upstanding quality products on the basis of reasonable prices. More importantly, through the creation of new products, we will stimulate and realize the human drive for freedom, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.



Business Time: Monday - Friday

E-mail 1: contact@senadabikes.com 

E-mail 2: ask@senadabikes.com 

Call & Text: +1 (251) 262-0070 

Warehouse Address: 2380 W Baseline Road Dock Door #3, Rialto, CA 92376