All Terrain Electric Bike | 1000W


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[*UL 2849 Certified] 26" 48V Upgraded 1000W Motor Fat Tire Snow Beach Electric Bike Equipped With 48V 15AH Lithium-ion Battery + Free Rear Rack & Fenders

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  • Dimensions & Capacity
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Motor 1000 watt
Battery 48 volt 15 amp-hour 
Max Load 330 lbs (150 kg)
Range 57 miles (92 km)
Recommended Rider Height 5'6" ~ 6'6" (168cm ~ 198cm)
Calculated from the average heights of the test riders.
Included Battery, charger, pedals, assembly toolset,
assembly guide, additional hardware, zip ties
Warranty 2 Years
Motor 1000 watt (1200 watt peak), 95 N.m, toothed, brushless hub motor
Battery 48 volt 15 amp-hour li-ion battery. Waterproof IP65 (included)
Range 28~57 miles (45~92 km)
Charger Input AC110V-240V 2.5A, Output DC54.6V 2.0Ah Smart Charger (included)
Battery Charge Time 6~8 hours
Battery Lifetime 800 cycles
Frame 6061 Aluminum full suspension frame
Controller 48V 28A, IP67
Display 3.5" LCD display with USB charging port, Smart Computer
Headlight 280 lm
Taillight 30 lm
Tires Chaoyang 26" x 4" fat tires
Throttle Half twist throttle with throttle on/off button
Saddle Justek soft saddle
Seat post 250mm × 27.2mm adjustable height
Crank Prowheel 48T
Pedal Aluminum alloy pedal with reflectors
Chain KMC chain
Freewheel Shimano 7 speed gear shifter system
Kickstand Heavy duty aluminum
Brake lever Anti-slip grip levers with motor cutoff switch
Brake HYY series 180mm brakes
Transmission Shimano gear shift system 7-speed
Front fork Mozo suspension fork with lockout and adjustment
Dimensions & Capacity
Bike Weight 78 lbs (36 kg) with battery
Bike Dimension Height 31.9”-41.3“ (81-105 cm) / Length 75.6” (192 cm)
Packing Size and Weight 63x12x34in 97lbs (160x31x86cm 44Kg)
Total Payload Capacity 330 lbs (150 kg)
Frame 2 years
Parts 2 years
Battery year
Terms & Conditions This warranty only applies to the original owner of a Senada bike and is limited to the replacement of defective parts.
For more information, please visit the warranty page. 

Bike Dimension

What's In The Box


Your Saber comes 90% pre-assembled. Just unbox, mount the front wheel, put pedals in place, turn some bolts here and there and you are ready to ride in 40 minutes or less!


Assembly Toolset. Allen keys, wrench, charger, etc..


We not only make amazing products but strive to provide the best experience and support to our customers. When you buy a Senada you get peace of mind knowing we will be there when you need it.

  • 2 Years warranty. All Cyrusher bikes come with 2 yearswarranty in frame and parts, and 1 year warranty on thebattery. Learn More
  • Customer support. We offer you many ways to reach out: call, text, message, ticket system.
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All-Terrain Ebike | SABER

The SABER features a good-looking frame and cool paintwork that will turn heads. It's great for the city commuter, although with its fat tires and powerful motor, it can also be a great all terrain ebike.
48V 15Ah
57 Miles
Max Range
6-8 Hours
Charging Time
Max Load
Class 3






48V 15AH

Go Through Any Terrain
Saber is built to conquer any terrain with ease. Its huge fat tires provide excellent grip and cushioning, while the powerful motor and high-capacity battery ensure a smooth and effortless ride.

From mountains to trails, deserts to sand, and city streets to rural roads, Saber is up for any challenge.
A Stylish Ride
Sleek and fast, the Saber electric bike offers a comfortable ride with its sturdy frame and powerful motor. With its amazing paintwork, you can enjoy the perfect combination of style and performance, making for an unforgettable ride.
A Stylish Ride
Sleek and fast, the Saber electric bike offers a comfortable ride with its sturdy frame and powerful motor. With its amazing paintwork, you can enjoy the perfect combination of style and performance, making for an unforgettable ride.
Product Highlights
Designed for Your Comfort
1000W Hub Motor
With upgraded 1000W continuous power motor (1500W Max Output) and up-to 95Nm torque, this high-speed brushless geared hub motor can help you to conquer a variety of rugged terrains.
48V 15Ah Lithium Battery
Saber equips an upgraded 48V 15Ah Lithium-ion Dorado battery. It provides 720Wh capacity, which efficiently improves the range, stability, and safety of your e-bike. The bike range per charge up to 57 miles on pedal-assist mode and around 28 miles on full-throttle mode. We offer a 1-year warranty and a second-year prorated warranty on the original battery.
Smart LCD Display
Backlight display provides speed, mileage, power, etc.. Totally programmable, together with the mechanical pedaling system allows you for a total customization of speed options and other safety settings.
Made of Quality Components
Senada Bikes strives to strike the right balance between price and quality components.
26"X4" comfort mountain bike fat tires provide upgraded grip and traction on rugged roads. Even on some troublesome terrains, these tires can provide you safe and smooth riding experience.
We upgrade both front and rear brakes to 180mm mechanical disc brakes, they provide ample stopping power. The power cut-off function stops the motor when you squeeze the brake lever, ensuring your SABER PRO can be stopped swiftly as well as smoothly.
Durable Prowheel aluminum crankset and the crankset guard provide further protections to the chain ring and help the chain stay to travel over rough terrain.
The Shimano 7 speed freewheel means you can shift to a larger cog for uphill riding and downshift to a smaller cog at high speeds. In combination with the pedal-assist system, you can adjust a suitable speed to complete your journey.
The durable Mozo alloy front suspension fork has 110mm of travel, it has preload adjustment, and lockout functions.
The headlight is bright enough to make night driving much safer and more enjoyable. It comes with 280 lm brightness and is integrated with a horn.
Designed for Your Comfort
Our bike is designed with your comfort and safety in mind.
An ergonomically designed saddle features a comfortable riding experience, specially made for pressure relief.
The half-twist throttle prevents accidental activation, protecting you from accidental injuries.
Your cargo can be strapped directly to the rear rack easily. The taillight can serve as a warning to vehicles coming from behind.
Tailor-Fit For Amazing Rides

  • A - Stem to Saddle 23.6'' / 60cm
  • B - Wheel Base 46.1'' / 117cm
  • C - Total Length 74.8'' / 190cm
  • D - Wheel Diameter 28.7'' / 73cm
  • E - Handlebar Height41.7'' / 106cm
  • F - Seat Height 35.4''~39.4'' / 90~100cm
  • G - Handlebar Width28.7'' / 73cm
  • H - Standover Height 33.1'' / 84cm
  • I - Bottom Bracket Height 13'' / 33cm

Review Video


SABER comes about 95% assembled, there are some final assembly and adjustments needed, like the front wheel, the handlebar, the seat, the pedals, the headlight and the front fender.


About the front fender and the headlight--


The screws and nuts are attached on the front fork, you can remove them, put the fender on and screw them back. Two sets are on both sides of the fork, one set on top is for both the fender and the headlight. Here is a guide video about how to install them:


For any assembly questions, you can download the instructions on our website or contact our support team via

The red button below the throttle is to enable/disable the throttle function.When the throttle function is off, code E08 will show on the display, and only PAS mode is functioning; when the throttle function is on, both throttle and PAS are working.

The front wheel hardware are pre-installed on the front hub, a video about how to install the front wheel on SABER/HERALD.

1. Look for the “L” or “R” sign on the axle or wrench flat.


2. The left pedal needs to tighten counterclockwise, the right pedal is tightened clockwise.


3. The thread of the pedal and crank arm needs to be aligned carefully, if the thread is misaligned, the crank will be mangled or cross-threaded.


4. It is suggested to tighten the pedals with a pedal wrench, and use some anti-seize compound.

(1) Long press UP and DOWN button to enter the settings mode;     (2) short press M to P02 - Unit of mileage;     (3) short press UP and DOWN to change parameters between 0 and 1, 1 is mile;    (4) long press M to save the valve;     (5) long press UP and DOWN to exit. Here is a guide video of How to change the mileage unit on SABER:

Long press "∧" button near the left handlebar.

SABER/HERALD just has one set of key, it is used to lock/unlock the battery:


The key set has two same keys, we suggest you keep one on each at home just in case.

Please visit FAQ section to get more answers or solutions, or, you can ask Senada support team directly at

Customer Reviews

Based on 141 reviews
Greg Schmidt

Love the bike so far.

Cuong To


Saber Pro

I purchased a Senada saver in November, and purchased a Senada pro for my son and his wife over St. Patrick’s Day, and they absolutely love their new Ebike!!!

Andrew W.
4.5 of 5 STARS! Loving the Saber Pro Except for the battery on/off button on the side of battery.

So far I have really enjoyed the overall size and power the bike provides. I live in Arizona in an area with very little paved roads and the fat tires are great on the soft sand never a problem getting through a wash or over the mountain trails. I'm 53yrs old 5"11 & 195lbs and the torque from the 1000w motor is very impressive either in PAS or throttle only it will get up and move.
There are a lot of pros to this bike and a couple of cons.
The major cons is the battery design: (Why its a 4 star and not 5) #1 and this is a big one that i've spoken to them about and have no fix yet. i consistently hit my left knee on the power/fuse button on the side of the battery while riding or at a stop if i lean my leg against the frame resting. it is a huge nuisance everytime it happens, and can't be good for the electronics to shut off the power in the middle of use. Then you have to turn it back on then push and hold the mode to turn on electronics and start going again about 5-8 seconds depending on how coordinated you are. (also resets your trip odometer so forget about keeping track of your miles with that) #2 (more of a concern so far) the connection for the battery to the bike is at the bottom so if liquid gets in there it will travel straight to the connection point (I have not gotten the bike wet yet to confirm observation. if it does get in, there's a few easy fixes i know) #3 The brakes are cable and will stop you fine but, hydraulic would help with faster stopping with shorter distance. (my opinion especially when I am topping out at 34.6mph at times) #4 the headlight is not very bright or wide angled when using to see at night. easy enough to add a extra headlight. (where i live there are no street lights) cars do see it from a good distance.
That is the only Cons I have right now after 45 miles, and only the battery button is the one not easily fixed or upgraded.
The Pro's #1 Great build overall. feels very secure and sturdy on all types of terrain. #2 has lots of torque. you can really feel the motor kick in and get you on your way smoothly and VERY quickly. #3 the rider is more of a sitting up position then leaning forward. (very important to me since lower back surgery) #4 the handle bars are nicely shaped and easy to get to all the controls with very comfortable leather wrapped grips. #5 The max speed is great right out of the box. (friend has different companies bike and had to play with to get close to my top speed) #6 tail light is a great feature with running light, turn signal and brake light. #7 came with a very sturdy rear rack. (no install/fitting problems) #8 bike shipped and delivered quickly and with very little box damage. (no damage to the bike. professionally packaged) #9 customer service has ben very prompt answering any questions i had before and after my purchase. (took me 4 months to decide on a bike and company) #10 the battery size at 21ah is a great for the longer trips. #11 The consistent compliments I get from everyone on how much they like the look, size and performance! I've even been told i got a lot more bike for a lot less money than my friends with other brands. #12 the 1000w motor with 95nm of torque that takes me through the soft sand or over the hills of rough rocky ground (highest torque i found at this price).
As you can see there are way more Pros than Cons and the Cons are not bad. most can be solved with easy fixes.
Yes! I would highly recommend a Senda E-Bike to anyone asking especially at the price point. It is great looking and very fun bike to ride. The miles just rip by.
Again the only reason i gave it 4.5 of 5 stars is the nuisance of the battery button location and my knee constantly bumping it and turning it off. If Senada or I can solve the issue with a fix that is cosmetically appealing and functional then I would have given 5 of 5 stars.
I would buy the Saber Pro again, no doubt about it.
If you are still reading this you should just go and put the Saber Pro (or any Senada) in your cart and check-out. (I did not regret my decision, and I'm guessing you won't either) Then get ready to have some fun and adventures.
Well time for me to get some more miles on this tank of a bike.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for taking the time to share your detailed feedback on SABER PRO! We are delighted to hear that you are enjoying the bike's performance, power, and build quality. Your positive comments on the torque, handlebars, speed, taillight, rear rack, battery capacity, and customer service are much appreciated.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the battery power cut-off button. We are currently working on upgrading the battery, the button will be on top of the battery in future batches. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Regarding your concerns about the battery connection, please be assured that the SABER PRO has an IP65 waterproof rating, allowing it to withstand regular water splash. If under extremely wet conditions, we recommend taking waterproof protection measures for the bike frame and battery when riding, and wiping the bike and the battery with a dry cloth after riding.

Regarding the brake system, our bikes are currently equipped with high-quality mechanical brakes. Given the speed limit regulations in various states, mechanical brakes can effectively complete braking safely. If you wish to upgrade your bike with hydraulic brakes, our manufacturer provides the parts as well, please contact our customer service for details. In addition, we will be launching new bike models with hydraulic brakes soon.

Regarding the headlight, the current lumen output of the headlight is 280 lumens. This headlight is sufficiently bright for general nighttime use. However, if the lighting in your area is relatively dim at night, adding an auxiliary headlight would be a great option. We will also consider upgrading to brighter lights in future models.

We are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with the bike overall and would highly recommend it to others. Thank you for your warm support, and we hope your Senada SABER PRO will provide you with many more fun and adventurous rides!

Best regards,
Senada Bikes Support Team

James Gaznick
Awesome bike!!!

Hello.As with anything we as people purchase,I went into this with certain expectations,and concerns.This bike exceeded ANY AND ALL concerns.Solid,fast,sharp looking,and so much fun.Honestly,couldn't be happier.No regrets whatsoever.Great job Senada!!!

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