All about an Electric Bike Battery


Electric bike riders always wish to ride for a long distance without re-charging the battery.

This can be easily achieved with your new electric bike, however, you may feel that the riding range is shortened after several months.

The use and maintenance of a Li-ion battery can affect its service life, so, how to properly use and maintain the e-bike battery?

Prevent under-charging

Under-charge means the electric bikes battery volume is completely used up, it can speedily shorten a Li-ion battery's life cycle.

To avoid under-charge a battery:

  1. Always charge the battery when the power remaining reaches 30%.
  1. Store when powered. If the battery will not be used for a long time, store the battery in a fully charged state and charge it regularly.
  1. Avoid using the battery in an extremely humid environment.
  1. Develop a good habit of starting with a lower speed level. If your PAS system has 5 levels, start riding with 1 or 2 levels (Eco mode).

saber electric bike

Prevent over-charging

Overcharging will increase the fat tire electric bike probability of deformation of the battery bulge.

 Always use the original or officially recommend charger, make sure the parameters of the charger match the battery model.

 Check the user manual or ask the support team ( regarding the charging time of your bike, avoid prolonged charging.

 Keep away from heat sources when charging, keep the environment well ventilated, and shorten the charging time appropriately in high-temperature weather. 

Good charging habits

  1. Regular charging

Even if you don't need to ride your electric mountain bike for a long time, it is recommended to charge the battery frequently. This habit can keep the battery cells alive and effectively prolong the battery life.

  1. Timely charging

The obvious vulcanization appeared around 12 hours after the Li-ion battery was over-discharged. Charging your e-bike battery timely can prevent minor vulcanization.

    3. Check the connections

If the connecting cable or discharge connector of the electric bike battery is loose - which can happen when riding on bumpy roads or hitting on something -  it may lead to a short circuit in the battery.

  1. Regular deep discharge

Occasionally, you can deep discharge the battery by fully using up the power, then fully charging it. This is good for "activating" the battery cells, which can increase the battery's usable capacity.

Tips for Caring for Your Battery in Winter

1. In winter, we recommend charging the Li-ion battery at room temperature (about 45℉-80℉).

2. If you don't plan to ride your electric bike in winter, store the e-bike battery in a warm, dry, and ventilated place. Make sure the battery is about 50%-70% charged.

3. We recommend charging the battery every 50 days to maintain the best performance of the battery.

By developing good charging habits, riders can effectibly increased the e-bike's battery life. Any further questions about Li-ion battery on mountain electric bikes, come talk with Senada Bikes support team at any time!