An Introduction to Electric Bike Brakes

An Introduction to Electric Bike Brakes

Disc brakes are one of the modern bike braking systems, widely used on all types of transport and industrial machinery. In the bike sector, they can be found on everything from road bikes to mountain bikes to racing e-bikes. This blog will talk about brake brakes.

Types of electric bike disc brakes

There are two common types of disc brakes for bicycles: mechanical and hydraulic.

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The mechanical type uses a cable to tension the brake pads against the disc; the hydraulic type uses hydraulic fluid in a completely sealed line instead of a cable, and when the brakes are applied, the pressure forces the fluid into the caliper and presses the pads against the disc.

Mechanical brakes allow you to spend less money and still have a 1000w electric bike with the safe and reliable braking. Some riders prefer cable-operated disc brakes, because they are easier to service and maintain and are compatible with most mechanical brake levers.

Of course, some e-bikes are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, which also provide a good braking. But are more expensive and cumbersome to maintain, and may be difficult to repair in time if you experience problems with the hydraulic brakes while riding.

Introduction to brake pads

When a bicycle is braked, the pads clamp onto the discs, creating friction and thus completing the braking process.

Most brake pads nowadays are made of composite materials, which are said to be resin pads but are also mixed with metal particles or metal fibres to increase wear resistance. Metal pads are also made with resin or synthetic fibres to reduce the hardness and increase the braking effect.

Brake pads wear out over time as you ride more miles. I recommend looking at the brake blocks on the pads at regular intervals. Especially after some rough riding, you will need to consider replacing them when they are more than 1/2 worn.

Removal of all the brake pad is very simple, either screwed on or held in place by metal pins. In addition, the brake pads are very cheap to replace.

Maintaining the brake lines

As the electric fat tire bike is ridden, the brake lines become oxidised and require regular maintenance and inspection. If you find that your bike's brake line has broken or is in danger of breaking, always replace it with a new one. If there is no problem, take the brake cable out and wipe it with a dry rag, or use a rust remover if you find any rust. It is also a good idea to apply lubricant to the brake lines to minimise wear and to help them work better.

Senada Bikes has a two year limited warranty, if you want to replace brake lines within two years, please contact our official after-sales team, will do it for you free of charge.

Disc brake sizes

A 180mm disc is usually sufficient. If you are a free rider, 180 or 185 mm may be better. When riding in mountainous areas, where downhill mode (descending from a hill) requires more braking, discs of 200, 210 or even 220 mm are more suitable.

How disc brakes work

Disc brakes, work by applying a sudden outward force to the wheel perpendicular to the surface. You stop the full suspension ebike with a gentle pull on the lever, not two or three. This effectively stops and slows your bike down at a faster rate. Disc brakes are more flexible, they make the rider less vulnerable to potential injuries during riding, as the rider may get tired from squeezing multiple levers at the same time.

How to use your brakes correctly

When you brake, bring your body weight down and back, keeping your weight on the rear wheel to balance the braking force and improve your control of the bike. Brake early and slowly not sharply. when Senada Bikes brake, the motor cuts out to help you brake better.

Riding after a rainstorm or in the rain? It's really dangerous. Don't worry! Disc brakes work well even in the heaviest rain. With disc brakes, you don't experience the slight braking delay that you do with rim brakes. This means that riders don't have to worry about slippery surfaces making it difficult for them to control their e-bike. Choose Senada Bikes! Happy riding!