E-bike Riding - A New Healthy Lifestyle

E-bike Riding - A New Healthy Lifestyle

Since the start of COVID-19, people have been more concerned about their health. I know I have!

It seems like everyone choosing to spend their time exercising outdoors. I can understand why, it's definitely more fun than being stuck inside! If you're like me, and are looking to improve your health and immune system, choosing an electric fat bike 1000w is one of the best ways to start! People both young and old can enjoy electric bikes as a stress free exercise!

During the pandemic, staying healthy has been a real concern. Let's talk about some fun and practical tips to stay healthy!

  1. Avoid public transportation

Public transportation isn't the most sanitary way to travel, so why not make electric bike 48v 1000w your primary form of transportation instead? Maintaining a social distance can effectively prevent the spread of illnesses.

Unlike public transportation, electric bikes won't trap you in an enclosed space. Not only is it a healthier way to travel, but with e-bike's motor assistance it may be faster too! 

  1. Use an electric bike for exercise and boost energy levels

Get your body's blood pumping by riding a 48v electric bike for physical exercise! In my opinion, there is no better way to feel alive than by getting your blood circulating on an e-bike. Not only am I healthier, but I have way more energy too!

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  1. Pay attention to cycling hygiene

It is important to develop good cycling hygiene habits to prevent the spread of disease.

Take precautionary measures before each ride by including hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes in your pack.

Remember to use disinfectant wipes when touching public equipment. Avoid touching your face with your hands while cycling.

And of course wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water when you return!

  1. Adequate sleep and balanced diet

Good quality sleep is important for physical and mental health, allowing the body time to regenerate. The best sleep I've ever gotten was after a long day of riding my e-bike! Trust me, by riding an e-bike every day you’ll be sleeping soundly too!

A balanced diet and proper food choices are related to our physical health. As they say, “you are what you eat”! Try choosing foods rich in fatty acids, vitamins and protein to build muscle and give your body the strength it needs!

I'm so thankful to Senada Bikes for helping me change the way I live and commute! Stay healthy everyone, and see you on the trails!