How to Find the Right Electric Bike for Your Height?

How to Find the Right Electric Bike for Your Height?

Electric bikes come in different styles and sizes. Buying the right e-bike size allows the rider to have a great riding experience. We have prepared some methods for you to choose an electric bike based on your height. We hope to help you:

Measure your data normally

  • Height measurement

Take an overall measurement of your height. If you know the height, please ignore this step.

Put on your cycling shoes and stand upright next to the wall.

Mark the top of your head with a pen and use a tape measure to measure the distance from the ground to the marked point.

  • Inseam measurement

Stand upright next to the wall, and keep your feet at least 6 inches apart.

Hold a book or water glass between your legs to mimic an electric bike seat.

Use a tape measure to measure the distance from the inner thigh to the ground. This is your inseam value.

Refer to the table below to choose the size of your 1000w electric bike.

e-bike size

Please note that this table is for reference only, the actual data varies from person to person.

  • Standing height

Stand upright next to the wall, hold a book between your legs, and press it under you like a saddle.

Make a mark on the wall where it meets the book at the top.

Measure the distance from the marker to the floor. This is your standing height.

standover height

Understand the size of an electric bike

  • Frame size

Choosing the right e-bike frame size can give you a good experience on long rides.

When purchasing a Senada bike, please refer to the e-bike frame dimensions based on your height.

Electric Bike Frame Size

  • Horizontal top tube size

The horizontal top tube is the length between the head tube's center and the seat post's center. Choose a horizontal top tube according to your body length, refer to the dimensions below.

electric bike frame sizing chart

How to adjust the electric bike to suit you?

  1. Saddle adjustment

A saddle too high or too low can affect your ride.

Please put one foot on the bottom of the pedal. Bend your knees slightly to about 80-85% full extension.

When using an electric bike 48v 1000w, your knees should not go over the top tube too much.

Make sure the seat incline is set correctly. Generally, the saddle is adjusted to be parallel to the ground.

For a commuter bike, lean from the saddle back a bit, and ride upright for a comfortable ride.

For an electric mountain bike, recline your seat slightly forward for an adventurous ride.

  1. Correct riding posture

Maintaining the correct riding position will keep you comfortable on long distances.

When riding a 1000w folding electric bike, pull your abs down to your lower back, extend your torso and keep your chest slightly lifted, keep your chin tight and stretch your neck.

Enjoy your ride on an electric mountain bike now! If you have any questions, please free to email us. We will be happy to answer them at