The Essential Accessories for Riding an Electric Bike

saber electric bike

After fully assembling your new electric bike and having a test ride, you may start thinking about adding some accessories to your new buddy. Bike accessories can upgrade the functionality of your e-bike and customize your riding experience.

Here are some essential accessories suggested by Senada Bikes riders:

  1. Helmet

Electric Bike Helmet

Before you start your cycling career, buy a well-made helmet.

A good helmet has safety features, such as face shield and taillight.

Electric bikes for sale can easily reach speeds of 20-28 mph. If an accident occurs at such a speed, the vast majority will hurt your head.

Whether or not you are legally required to wear a helmet, wear it consciously because it's about your safety.

Safety first!

  1. Security lock

Ebike Security lock

A good bike lock can guard your e-bike when you are not around. There are many different types of e-bike locks

Cable lock. A cable lock can lock your ebike to bike stands easily. It usually comes with a key or a password set.
The benefit of a combination lock is that you don't need to worry about losing the key, but be sure to remember your password! The con of cable locks is that they can be easily cut off with pliers.
U-shaped lock. A good u-lock is strong enough to withstand most intentional damages.
The downside of u-locks is that they are not as flexible as cable locks or chain locks, you will need to find the right spot to lock your electric bike.
Chain lock. A chain lock has both the flexibility of a cable lock and the strength of a U-lock.
The downside of chain locks is that they can get heavy and cumbersome to carry.
Disc brake lock. Disc brake locks are attached to your disc brakes to stop your electric bike wheels from moving.
This lock is simple to operate but comes with a special key, so remember to keep a spare key somewhere safe.
Folding lock. A combination of a U-lock and a chain lock, a folding lock is usually a sheet of metal held together by rivets, giving more flexibility than a standard U-lock.
      1. Mobile phone holder

      Mobile phone holder

      Cycling pursues lightness, simplicity and comfort,

      A phone holder is installed on almost every electric bike. It can hold your phone securely while riding.

      With the phone mount holding your smartphone for you, you can monitor the speed, check the map, or keep an eye out for calls and texts.

      You can take videos of the scenery along the way through the phone holder and enjoy your ride. Also, no need to worry about your phone falling out of your pocket while riding.

      There are some phone mounts with a charging function. If you are planning long-distance riding,  a charger phone mount can be a great choice.

      1. Bike alarm

      Bike alarm

      We have heard some sad stories from Senada Bike riders about their electric mountain bikes being stolen.

      To avoid bike loss when you are outdoors, one suggestion is to install an alarm.

      A wireless alarm is a small gadget that is easy to install and operate on your bike. When you set it to alarm mode, movements around your bike will be detected, and it can quickly respond to movements with a loud sound and light warning.

      1. Portable Pump

      Portable Pump

      Riding outside will inevitably encounter different terrains. Riders often inflate and deflate the tires according to the terrain. At this time, a portable pump is necessary.

      A mini pump is portable and space-saving, perfect for camping, festivals, and your carry-on emergency kit, a must-have.

      1. Rearview mirror

      Rearview mirror

      The rearview mirrors are equivalent to your eyes when you are riding. They can help you to clearly see things behind or on the side.

      If you are always riding on the road, surrounded by other vehicles, we highly suggest you install rearview mirrors on your bike.

      Alright, after adding on some accessories, it's time to start your riding! At Senada Bikes you can find some of the accessories and affordable fat tire electric bikes you need.