Tips for Riding an Electric Bike at Night

Tips for Riding an Electric Bike at Night

There are many aspects to be aware of when riding an electric bike, especially at night, such as dark environments, bright lights from other vehicles, unknown objects on the road, etc.  

It is necessary for the night rider to know how to stay safe on the road. This article will give you some riding tips for night riding.

  1. Plan your route

Plan your ride ahead of time to make sure you know where you are at when night riding.

When riding at night, choose a route that you are familiar with. Make sure to bring GPS equipment like a smartphone.

It is important to pay attention when riding at night, as the low visibility can make the path and any obstacles difficult to see.

  1. Reflective riding equipment

When cycling at dark night, you may be hard to see by other bikes, motorcycles, or even cars.

One solution is to add reflective riding gears to your fat tire electric bike --

For example, you can add reflective strips on bike wheels. Senada e-bike HERALD comes with reflective wheel strips, which can help riders cycle safely during nighttime.

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In addition, you can wear reflective vests, helmets, jackets, and pants to make yourself more visible in the darkness.

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  1. Have plenty of lighting

When riding fat tire electric bike at night, remember to use headlights and taillights.

The headlight will give you the better lighting to see the path or driveway in front of you.

The taillight normally has different functions, like a brake light or turn signals.

Also, you can add extra lights to your helmet or handlebars to enhance night vision.

Before traveling at night, please check that all lights are working properly.

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  1. Wear the right clothes

There is a big temperature difference between daytime and nighttime, no matter how hot the daytime is, at night,  you will feel cooler or colder.

When you planning on a night ride, always check the weather conditions in advance, bring a jacket, head socks, thicker gloves, warm socks, and even an emergency blanket.

Don't forget to add reflective material to the clothes to keep you warm and safe.

  1. Charge the battery

Make sure the battery is fully charged and installed correctly before riding to avoid running out of power in the dark.

It's a good habit to keep your battery charged before you travel so that it won't ruin your cycling plans.

  1. Pay attention to high beams

The headlights of electric bike is normally not so bright, therefore some riders would like to add high beams on their bikes or helmets.

If you are riding at night with high beams, please lower the angle of the light, and let it faces the road 10 feet in front of you, so that the bright light will not blind other riders coming toward you.

You must be an adventurous rider who likes night cycling. Hope these tips and the free gift are helpful for you! Senada Bikes helps you find the perfect new bike with a discount on your purchase today.