Tips for Winter Electric Bike Riding and Maintenance

Tips for Winter Electric Bike Riding and Maintenance

"What a pity! My e-bike is going unused in the winter" - in fact, with proper preparation, you can still use an electric bike in the winter.

Of course, some friends want to store the electric bike in winter. At this time, it is necessary to consider the electric bikes' storage and maintenance and ensure your bike is still in top condition come spring.

So, let's discuss about the winter riding and maintenance methods of electric bikes:

  1. Battery Maintenance

Charging an e-bike should be done at room temperature.

Please ensure the battery temperature is above freezing before charging, otherwise, the battery may be damaged.

After returning from the cold outdoors, please wait patiently for the cold battery to return to its normal temperature before charging the battery.

Charging at temperatures of approximately 50°F to 68°F maintains higher battery performance and protects the complex internal components within the battery.

If you don't ride an e-bike in the winter, keep the battery indoors or in a heated garage. Please check the battery once a month, and preferably charge it every once in a while. Try to ensure that the battery power is not lower than 60% for a long time, to prevent the battery from running out of power and reducing its service life and performance.

Do you notice a drop in battery power and mileage during the winter? Do not worry! The performance drop is temporary and will most likely recover when the weather warms up again. You can slip a neoprene sleeve around the battery for a little extra protection from the cold.


  1. Try to ride away from the snow and mud

If you ride in the snow, you will inevitably get your e-bike dirty. In addition to muddy ice and snow, roads are often artificially spread with magnesium salts, sand, and gravel. The salty snow water seeps into hard-to-clean parts such as gears. Therefore, we recommend wiping your e-bike with a damp and dry cloth after each ride to keep it clean.

  1. Keep the electric bike clean and prevent rust

E-bike chains can be cleaned with an old toothbrush and chain solvent or degreasing dish soap. After cleaning, use a generous amount of bike chain lubricant on the chain to prevent rust.

Anti-rust products not only clean e-bike chains but can also be sprayed on any exposed metal parts before a ride to prevent salty water from accumulating in various parts of the bike. Note, be sure to keep the spray away from LCD screens and any electronic devices.

  1. Choose a Fat Tire Electric Bike

Fat tire e-bikes are a great choice for winter. Thicker tread patterns allow for better grip, and broader tires hold more volume, rolling safely at lower pressures for increased traction. Also, the low-pressure tires maintain traction better while cornering, avoiding some skids or accidents while cornering.

  1. Store in a dry place

In winter, the temperature is cold and the air is humid if it snows, so it is recommended that you store your e-bike in a dry place. If the temperature is extremely low (14℉ or lower), please bring the battery indoors and store it at room temperature.

  1. Wear warm clothing

Winter riding requires warm clothing such as waterproof, breathable jackets, winter boots, hats, helmets, and gloves.

Due to the short days and long nights, please try to wear outerwear with high visibility or reflective material when riding to ensure safety, and turn on the front and rear lights of your e-bike.

Good news! Senada Bikes upgraded models - SABER PRO and ARCHON PRO have front and rear lights (rear lights have brake and turn signals), in addition, the tires of HERALD and SABER PRO have reflective strips to keep you safe on the road!


Winter is also a great opportunity to continue enjoying your e-bike! Proper maintenance can extend your riding time. Select Senada Bikes Fat Tire E-bikes, and add comfort to your winter adventures!