Tips to Avoid Electric Bike Theft

Tips to Avoid Electric Bike Theft

While electric bikes become essential tools for people's daily life, bike theft has increased over the last few years.

So, we have prepared some tips for you to avoid e-bike theft --

  1. Lock it up!

First, you need a good quality lock and get into the habit of locking your ebike.

Avoid using poor quality or cheap locks, flimsy locks can be easily broken by thieves.

It is suggested to check the security level before purchasing a lock. The higher the security level, the better the lock. A good quality lock will protect your 1000w electric bike to the greatest extent possible.

Additionally, riders can use two different locking systems. For example, lock the wheel with a U-lock, and lock the frame with chain locks or folding locks.

electric bike lock

  1. Location

Normally, it is safe to park an electric bike in a dedicated garage.

If riders must park their fat tire electric bike outdoors, remember to choose a public parking area, and if possible, lock your ebike in an area covered by surveillance cameras.

We definitely do not suggest parking your e-bike in a secluded place. This creates favorable conditions for thieves.

  1. Install an alarm

Another suggestion is that, you can add an electric bike alarm on your 1000 watt electric bike that will make sound when someone approaches.

Electronic alarms use sounds and lights to alert people, some can be connected to phone apps to warn electric bike owners that "your ebike has been moved."

  1. GPS Tracking

When your electric bike is lost, how can you get it back?

Installing a GPS tracker on your electric bike can help you quickly locate and even find your ebike.

The GPS locator can be covertly installed inside the bike frame, under the saddle, or in the bottom bracket, out of sight of thieves.

  1. Insurance

If you are concerned about financial loss from losing your e-bike, you can buy e-bike insurance in advance.

Insuring an ebike often requires the purchasing receipt and the serial number of the bike. Receipts can be obtained from the seller, and the electric bike serial number can often be found on the frame.

electric bike serial number

There are some insurance companies that define e-bikes as vehicles, and even offering separate policies. When buying insurance, please review the policy details carefully to ensure your e-bike complies with the terms of the policy.


Hope these tips are helpful and enlightening to you. Don't forget, if you have any questions with your Senada bikes, feel free to contact Senada support team, we are happy to help!