How to Properly Maintain an Electric Mountain Bike?

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Learning how to maintain your electric mountain bike is a key thing in your cycling career. If you know certain methods, you can complete the maintenance of an electric bike at home. This blog will show you how to perform daily maintenance on your electric bikes for adults.

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  1. Lubricate and adjust the derailleurs

The front derailleur is at the bottom bracket, and the rear derailleur is at the rear hub. Here are the steps of derailleurs maintenance:

  • First, gently clean the dirt like mud or sand on the surface of derailleurs.
  • Next, drop some lubricating oil on the derailleurs.
  • After cleaning, try shifting the gears, see if it is smooth.
  1. Clean and adjustthe brakes

Brake rotor need to be kept clean, so it is necessary to check it regularly.

Spray the cleaning solution evenly on the brake rotor, then wipe the brake rotor with a clean rag.

After cleaning, sqeeze the brake levels and see if the brake calipers are even.

The brake pads can be worn out after a period of time, please check them regularly, and replace the brake pads if needed.

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  1. Oil the e-bike chain

If you feel that the shifting is not smooth when riding - the chain has jammed teeth, or the chain makes an abnormal noise - the chain needs to be maintained.

It is suggested to cleaning the chain after each riding of your fat tire electric bike.

Clean up the dirt like mud or sand on the surface of the chain, then lubricate it.

To avoid getting the oil everywhere, you can put a rag under the chain, then apply oil to the it.

  1. Charging thebattery appropriately

It is best to charge the battery in a constant temperature (around 68° Fahrenheit) environment.

Do not let the Li-ion battery be completely discharged, keep at least 30% of the power in the battery. Even if you don't want to ride in the cold winter, set an alarm to charge your lithium battery regularly.

Also, do not over charge the battery, unplug it from the charger when it is fully charged.

Keep the battery away from direct sunlight, and store it in a cool, dry place when not use it.

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  1. Fat tire maintenance

Good maintenance habits on 1000 watt electric bike fat tires can extend their service life.

  • Park your ebike at a cool place

If your electric fat bike is left in a place under strong sunlight for a long time, the high temperature will cause the tires to deteriorate.

  • Pumping appropriately

Underinflated electric bicycle tires will increase the resistance of riding, it will be more laborious to ride, and may cause flat tire.

Overinflated the bike tires will make the tires lose elasticity, for example, you will feel severe bumps when riding. This will cause the inner tire to be overstressed or swelled, and shorten its service life.

  • Always check the tire surface

During riding, dirt and sharp objects always stick to the tire tread. It is very important to clean the tire surface before and after riding.

  • Avoid tire corrosion

Fat tire electric bike tires are made of rubber, when riding and parking avoid contact with oil, acid, flammable, chemical corrosive substances, or clean the tires in time afterward.

Needless to say that there are still many bike parts that need regularly maintained, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask Senada Bikes Support team at, we are happy to help!

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