Senada Bikes Introduction

Senada Bikes Introduction

Electric bikes are a low-cost mode of transport. They are environmentally friendly and reliable, but some people stay away from them due to their high price. 

But, what if you could ride a quality, stylish, and affordable electric bike from a fresh electric bike company?

Who Are Senada Bikes?

Senada is a relatively new electric bike company that provides electric bicycle with powerful motors at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves on our affordable but quality electric mountain bike that suit all walks of life.

Whether you want a commuter, to enjoy off-road riding, or maintain an active lifestyle, there is a Senada (HONGKONG SHIZE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LIMITED) best electric bike for you. 

Senada fat tire electric bikes are high-quality, thanks to their carefully considered components and materials. They are also fun to ride, great value for money and reliable.

saber electric bike

Why Buy A Senada Electric Bike?

There are many benefits of choosing a Senada Bikes, for example:

  1. Value For Money

Senada electric mountain bike is exceptional value for money. You will find it challenging to find e mountain bike of this quality at such reasonable prices.

People who ride Senada new electric bike love the bikes' specifications. However, Senada realizes that people need electric bikes that they can afford. So we have ensured that our bikes are accessible to more people.

  1. High-Quality Batteries And Motors

An electric bike's battery and motor are essential considerations when you buy one. Our electric bikes for adults have excellent high-capacity batteries from manufacturers such as Dorado and motors from Bafang. Therefore, you can be assured you have quality components.

Senada's Bikes

The Archon Fat Tire Electric Bike

archon electric bike

The Senada Archon is an incredibly capable 1000 watt electric bike, thanks to its design and carefully chosen components.

Its 1,000W rear hub-mounted motor makes riding up hills and over rough terrain a piece of cake. It is powered by a removable Lithium-Ion 48V 13AH battery that gives the Archon a long-range, so you can explore further.

The motor is hooked up to a fantastic 21-speed Shimano drivetrain. This has precise and reliable shifting while enhancing the bike's efficiency.

The Archon has excellent off-road prowess thanks to its 4" wide tires. These tires give you "float" on soft surfaces, such as snow, sand, and soft mud. Therefore, you are not limited to where you can ride.

These tires also create a comfortable ride, enhanced further by the high-quality suspension fork. This combination allows you to ride further before getting tired and on technical terrain.

For just $1,359, you can have a Senada Archon on your doorstep waiting for your next adventure.

The Roamer Folding Electric Fat Bike

roamer ebike

The next fantastic electric bike you need to know about is the Roamer. This also has a 1,000W motor and fat tires, folding electric bike, making it very versatile.

The Roamer's folded compact size allows you to carry it in your car, boat or RV, for weekend exploring. It also has a rear-mounted cargo rack, so you can take everything you need for the day with ease.

Just because the Roamer is foldable, don't think it is not a capable off-roader. It has front and rear suspension and grippy fat tires to help you give you lots of traction. But it also has powerful disc brakes to keep you in complete control on descents.

This convenient but rugged folding electric mountain bike is available for just $1,459.

The Flash Electric Mountain Bike

The Senada Flash is an agile electric mountain bicycles, thanks to its 26" wheels. But, it is also powerful enough to make most hills you will find on the mountain bike trails effortless.

It has a punchy 500W rear hub-mounted motor, powered by a 48V 13Ah battery. The motor runs through a reliable 21-speed Shimano drivetrain, enhancing the bike's range and climbing ability.

To make your riding experience more comfortable off-road, the Flash has a suspension fork and a plush saddle. But, this electric bike instills confidence, thanks to its powerful disc brakes with incredible stopping power.

You can own this fantastic electric mountain bike for just $989

The Drifter Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike

The Drifter is another great electric bike for exploring due to its compact size and foldable ebike design. But this one has a powerful 750W motor and a 48V 12AH lithium-ion battery.

Although the components and features are excellent, many people choose the Drifter for its compactness and style. Its robust frame folds up in seconds, making it effortless to store and transport.

You can be a Drifter owner for just $1,239 and enjoy its on-road comfort and off-road capability.

The Saber Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

saber ebike

The Saber's 1,000W motor, combined with its 4" wide tires, makes it an electric bike you can ride pretty much anywhere.

If you need to ride on snow, sand or dirt, the Saber has you covered, so it is an excellent electric bike you can use all year round.

It also has a rear-mounted cargo rack, making the Saber very versatile. So whether you need to run errands or explore the wilderness, you can take everything you need.

You can have your very own Senada Saber for just $1,699.

The Herald Fat Tire Electric Mountain Bike

The Senada Herald is unstoppable and practical, as it can be ridden anywhere. But it feels at home on paved roads and rugged terrain.

Its fat tires give you a comfortable riding experience. Still, they also have lots of grip, so you can be confident wherever you ride. The step-through frame makes the Herald easy to live with, as mounting and dismounting it is effortless.

In addition to this, its powerful disc brakes give you lots of stopping power, while the 1,000W motor has all the grunt you will ever need.

All this practicality and ease can be yours for just $1,699

The Lynx

The Senada Lynx's 750W motor is powered by a 48V, Lithium-Ion battery, which gives you many fun-filled miles of riding. Its 6-speed Shimano drivetrain is high quality and compliments the power system perfectly.

The bike's suspension and fat tires make the Senada excellent for light off-road use. While its folding frame and cargo rack make it very convenient and versatile.

You can own this tough and easy to live with electric bike for just $1,249.